At Love at First Slice, we understand that purchasing an edible creation can often be a daunting experience, especially if it is your first time. We understand that the cake is a very important aspect of your special occasion, so we have listed below some of the primary concerns you may have when organising your cake.

If any of your questions were not answered here, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

  • What flavours do you offer?open

    Our mud cakes are deliciously moist and are available in the following flavours:

    • Chocolate
    • White Chocolate
    • Caramel
    • Lemon
    • Lime
    • Mint
    • Orange
    • Coffee
    • Banana
    • Orange
    • Hazelnut
    • Strawberry
    • Raspberry
    • Butterscotch
    • Marble (any 2 of the above swirled together)
    • Dark Chocolate Mud (for all 3D cakes)

    All our cakes are baked fresh on the premises. Please note that some cake designs may only be available in dark chocolate mud. PLEASE NOTE: All our cakes may contain traces of nuts

  • What size cake should I order?open

    There are many factors that will determine what size cake you will need. Are you having other desserts? Would you like to keep any of the cake? Will you be serving the cake as dessert or coffee/finger portions? Once you know the answers to these questions, Love at First Slice can advise you of what size cake you will need to accommodate your needs.

  • How do I care for my cake once I have picked it up?open

    Your cake will keep best left out of the sun in a cool, dry area. Once you have cut the cake, keep it fresh by covering it with plastic wrap and storing in the fridge (or freezer).

  • Is it possible to try flavours before making a purchase?open

    Love at First Slice is happy to arrange for you to try our delicious flavours. These are available on request only so please advise if you would like a tasting before making your purchase. If you place an order with Love at First Slice, this is a free service.

  • Where is your shop located?open

    Love at First Slice now has a fantastic new premises in St Marys, which is about 10minutes from Penrith. Hours are Monday to Friday 7.30am to 3.30pm, however appointments are essential to ensure we have allocated sufficient time to discuss the cake with you. Address: Unit 3/28-32 Lee Holm Road, St MArys, NSW, 2760. Postal address is PO Box 7611, South Penrith, NSW, 2750.

  • How much notice do you need to order a cake? open

    Ideally we would like at least 2 months notice for wedding cakes and at least 3 weeks notice for all other cakes. Minimum notice required to ensure sufficient time to complete your cake and all the prep that goes along with it, is 10 days. This also ensures no orders are rushed to complete on time, meaning you have the best cake every time. Β At Love at First Slice we understand that this is sometimes easier said than done, so we aim to cater for late orders if possible. If your event falls outside of this time frame, please contact us immediately so we can advise if we can fit you in. However, please note that Love at First Slice values the quality of our cakes and will not compromise on perfection in order to complete a late order. If we feel that the design you are after is not possible in the time you require (iced figurines, special order flowers etc) we will happily assist you with a design that is achievable in the time frame available.

  • Does Love at First Slice deliver?open

    For ‘easy’ cakes, we encourage clients to pick up from Love at First Slice. However, for larger/difficult cakes and wedding cakes we can deliver at a cost to the customer. You can contact us for a quote.

  • How do I place an order with Love at First Slice?open

    For a custom designed cake, Love at First Slice would like to meet you in person so we can create a cake that is perfect for you. You can contact us to make an appointment at your convenience. If you have seen a cake that you like on our website and would prefer to place the order via phone or email, please contact us and we can organise a deposit and go over details. Love at First Slice also accepts photos of cakes you may have seen elsewhere and would like the expertise of Lisa and Love at First Slice to recreate. Just email the picture to us and we will give you a quote.

  • How much deposit do you require, and how can I pay?open

    A deposit of 50% is required to confirm your order, with balance payable no later than 2 weeks before pickup/delivery date. All payments to be made by bank transfer. You will receive all necessary details once order is confirmed. Please note that your order is not confirmed until deposit is received.

Comments (22)
  • Shantelle baldock

    February 27, 2013

    Hello my partner is planning to order a cake and is wondering if he sends you a picture of the cake he wants and the number of people it needs to feed if you would be able to provide a quote, as it is a surprise for me the picture would be coming from his email account

    • Lisa

      February 27, 2013

      Hi Shantelle

      Thanks for the enquiry πŸ™‚

      Absolutely!! He can send it through via the contact page or send direct to
      this email and I can quote. When would the cake be for?

  • Bianca Oram

    February 16, 2014

    Hi Lisa
    My friend Renee Little recommended you. Could you please give me a price on your bookworm cake? It needs to serve 50 people at a birthday party and will be served as dessert.

  • Teresa

    March 5, 2014

    Hi Lisa,

    I’m interested in having a Yo Gabba Gabba cake for 20 people would you please advise how much it would cost.


    • Lisa

      August 26, 2014

      Hi teresa

      Apologies, i dont always get notified of comments through the website. if you are still in need of a cake please shoot me an email or use the contact form on the website πŸ™‚

  • Bonnie

    June 11, 2014

    Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how much your “two become one” cake is? It would need to feed around 120 people.
    I would also be interested in having this cake delivered to Camden area, if you could let me know your delivery costs?
    Thank you!

    • Lisa

      July 16, 2014

      Hi, i just sent you an email (may have to check junk mail)

    • Lisa

      August 26, 2014

      Hi Bonnie

      Apologies- i dont always get notified of comments through my website. Are you still in need of a quote? if so please shoot me an email or use the enquiry form on the website πŸ™‚

  • Jada Edwards

    August 3, 2014

    Hi Lisa
    I was referred to you by Beth and Gemma, I am looking to get quoted on a few wedding cakes. There are five I love at the moment and your quote would help me decide.
    We are only having 40 guests plus ourselves. I have heard that when you only need a small size but would like a bigger design that you could possibly have one layer that’s a fake Styrofoam layer and not real cake that would help to achieve a lower price also. Is this something you can do as well? If not that’s ok I would still like to proceed with obtaining a quote. Please let me know your actual email address and I can send through the photos of the cakes I would like quotes on.
    Thanks so much in advance

    • Lisa

      August 26, 2014

      Hi Jada

      My apologies!!! i dont always get notified on comments through my website. Best point of contact is through contact form on the website or email address also listed throughout. Please sedn to and we can go from there πŸ™‚

  • Helen

    August 19, 2014

    hello there, i am interested in having a cake designed and created by your cake store for my parents’ 20 years wedding anniversary along with cake pops and cupcakes. the theme of the party is red black and white. i wish to have about 15 cupcakes and 20 cake pops and the cake to have two layers. the cake would feed for about 30 people. if you could please give me a rough estimation of the cost of everything i would really appreciate it! i will also drop by your store in the next coming weeks thank you very much

    • Lisa

      August 26, 2014

      Hi helen

      Sorry i dont always get notified of comments through the website- are you able to please email me your enquiry so we can start discussing options!! (also please note i require appointments if you want to pop in :))

  • Wini

    February 3, 2015

    Hi Lisa, I would like to get a quote for kids birthday. The cake I am after is a 2 tier cake required for around 40 guest. I liked the Merry go round cake made by you so can you quote me for that but dont need the merry go round at top maybe a bow or flowers. Appreciate your earliest response to this. Thanks..

    • Lisa

      June 2, 2015

      Hi Wini
      My apologies!!! i dont always get notified on comments through my website. Best point of contact is through contact form on the website or email address also listed throughout. In future, please send to and we can go from there πŸ™‚

  • Jo-Anne Ponce

    May 4, 2015

    Hi Lisa I want to ask about the price range for Christening cake. How soon should I order the cake before the event?

    • Lisa

      June 2, 2015

      Hi Jo-Anne,
      My apologies!!! i dont always get notified on comments through my website. Best point of contact is through contact form on the website or email address also listed throughout. Please send to and we can go from there πŸ™‚

      i do require minimum 10 days notice, if your date hasnt passed please be in touch

  • Lyndle Craven

    May 31, 2015

    I know it’s short notice but I desperately need a cake for a baby shower next Sunday (7th of June)
    Can you help?

    • Lisa

      June 2, 2015

      Hi Lyndle

      Unfortunately i do require minimum 10 days notice to allow enough time to discuss, confirm and prep- sorry!

      Also, best contact for any future requests, especially last minute, is always email or phone πŸ™‚

  • caitlin

    July 21, 2015


    Just wondering how much you would charge for a 2 tiered watercolour cake to feed about 70 people.


  • Brooke

    September 3, 2015

    Do you make specialty cakes that are gluten free?

  • Jacqui

    June 26, 2016

    Hi Lisa
    Just wanting to know if you could do a red velvet cake for the 23rd July for about 30 people.

    Looking for something like this picture. White fondant with blue writing and gold pics

    Where it says happy birthday Jono
    Can we just have HAPPY BIRTHDAY across the bottom (base of no 2) & JACOB written downwards on the no 1

    Hope this makes sense let me know if not.

    Decorations just the gold keys in random spots on the top and around the sides.

    Can you let me know if you can do it for then and if so also how much.


    • Lisa

      June 28, 2016

      Hi Jacqui

      We have replied to your email enquiry πŸ™‚

      Thank you

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